December 8, 2022 IN Award, Conferences

2022 Award and Grant Winners Announced

Winners of the RRF 2022 Awards and Grants

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 Raptor Research Foundation award and grant program. Please join us in congratulating these talented members of our raptor community. The next application period for these grants and awards will begin in early 2023.


Research Grants

Leslie Brown Memorial Grant: The Brown Grant provides financial assistance to promote the research and/or the dissemination of information on African birds of prey. Papanie Bai Sesaywon for the project titled “A first assessment of the status of the Hooded Vulture population – Necrosyrtes monachus – in Sierra Leone.”

Stephen R. Tully Memorial Grant: The Tully Grant supports research and conservation of raptors specifically to students and amateurs with limited access to alternative funding. Dakota Vaccarowon for the project titled “Response of medium and large raptor species richness and abundance to woodland habitat modification by African savanna elephants (Loxodonta africana)”

Dean Amadon Grant: The Amadon Grant assists researchers working in the area of distribution and systematics of raptors. Neil Paprocki won for the project titled “Effects of Diet on Rough-legged Hawk (Buteo lagopus) Migration Distance.” Matias A. Juhant won for the project titled “Testing patterns and mechanisms of differential migration by age during the non-breeding season in three hawks of the genus Geranoaetus.”

Oscar Beingolea Raptor Research Grant: The Oscar Beingolea Raptor Research Award provides financial support for field research on raptors in Latin America (including the Guianas) and the Caribbean.  Mayra Natalia Parra Salazar won for the project titled “Community baseline for the knowledge of the populations of Spizaetus isidori and the treatment of the conflict with farmer communities in western Antioquia (Colombia).”

Michele Panuccio Memorial Grant: The Michele Panuccio Memorial Grant provides financial support for field research on raptor migration and conservation in the European region by young researchers. Jason Gregg won for the project titled “The use of bio-acoustic monitors to measure gunshots at migratory bottlenecks in Lebanon.”


Achievement Awards

Tom Cade Award: The Cade Award recognizes an individual who has made significant advances in the areas of captive propagation and reintroduction of raptors.  This year the awards committee recognized José Hernán Sarasola

Fran and Frederick Hamerstrom Award:  The Hamerstrom Award recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly to the understanding of raptor ecology and natural history. This year the awards committee recognized Patricia L. Kennedy        

Andersen Memorial Award: The William C. Andersen Memorial Award is given to both the best student presentation at the annual RRF meeting. Meghan Beatty won for the poster titled “Snag Density and Stand Age Explain Occupancy and Reproduction of Southeastern American Kestrels in Natura Cavities in Successional Forest.” Michael Academia won for the oral presentation “Food supplementation increased nest success and productivity of Ospreys, Pandion haliaetus, in the lower Chesapeake Bay.”


Travel Awards

The James R. Koplin Travel Award is given to a student who is the senior author and presenter of a paper or poster to be presented at the RRF meeting for which travel funds are requested. This year six students were recognized:

  • Natasha K. Murphy “Identifying mitigation priority areas for human-Osprey conflict using habitat suitability and power infrastructure information.”
  • Brooke Poplin “Foraging Behavior of American Kestrels is Influenced by External Temperature in North Texas.”
  • Diego Gallego García “Latitude and body size determine the length of the post-fledgling dependence period in Accipitridae: a review.”
  • Stacia A. Novy “Examining the relationships between beak shape and diet within a Nearctic-Neotropical raptor clade.”
  • Matthew Bowers “American Kestrels Competing with European Starlings over Nestboxes in Southeastern Pennsylvania.”
  • Philip Kavouriaris “Nesting and movement ecology of the American Black Vulture (Coragyps atratus).”

The Wings to Fly Travel Grant will support travel from outside the U.S. and Canada for raptor researchers or conservationists to present a paper or poster at our annual meeting.

  • Ulises Balza “Abundance and breeding success as weak indicators of the status of an endemic species: Genomic differentiation among the most important global populations of the Striated Caracara (Phalcoboenus australis).”
  • Zahra Didarali “Awareness of environmental legislation as a deterrent for wildlife crime: A case with Masaai pastoralists, poison use, and the Kenya Wildlife Act.”
  • Márton Horváth“42-years of simultaneous increase in population size and fecundity within an Eastern Imperial Eagle population: When will density-dependence play its role?”


Service Awards

President’s Award: This award is given by the President in recognition and appreciation of exceptional service to the Raptor Research Foundation. This year Joan L. Morrison was recognized.



The Partners for Raptors Lifetime Achievement Award honors outstanding individuals who have dedicated their lives to raptor research and conservation. These notable awardees are recognized for their significant contributions to the study and conservation of birds of prey, as well as their outstanding achievements gained through innovative field work, impactful collaborative partnerships, and a lifetime of inclusive interactions with their peers and the public focused on raptors.

Partners in Raptors Lifetime Achievement Award joint with the Peregrine Fund, Simon Thomsett.

Partners in Raptors Lifetime Achievement Award joint with the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology, John Schmitt.


RRF is thankful for these committee leadership of the award and grant committee chairs and many committee members:

Sofi Hindmarch, RRF Award Committee Chair
Jennifer Coulson, Fran and Frederick Hamerstrom Award Chair and Tom Cade Award Chair
James Harper, James Koplin Award Chair
Isabel Caballero, Dean Amadon Grant Chair
Jean-Francois Therrien, Stephen R. Tully Memorial Grant Chair
Guy Rondeau, Leslie Brown Memorial Grant Chair
Nico Arcilla, Oscar Beingolea Raptor Research Grant Chair
Lisa Takats Priestley, Andersen Award Chair
Torgeir Nygård, The Michele Panuccio Memorial Grant
André Botha, Wings to Fly Travel Grants