March 29, 2016 IN Conferences

Madison Peregrine Conference Videos


In August 1965, Professor Joseph J. Hickey of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, assembled nearly 60 biologists and other scientists from seven countries to compare data and discuss reasons for the sudden disappearance of the Peregrine Falcon, and other birds of prey, from parts of the world. The Madison Conference is one of the first moments in history where a group of scientists set an agenda toward resolving an urgent conservation problem, two decades before conservation biology was founded as a scientific field.

Although today we take it for granted that conservation and biology should be tightly linked, 50 years ago, the lines between activist and scientist were drawn and tightly guarded. How did participants in the Madison Conference negotiate these boundaries? How did they resolve to dissect the cause of the Peregrine crash? We invited biologists from the 1965 conference to Sacramento to ask them such questions, and to honor their immense contributions toward rescuing a magnificent species from wide-ranging extirpation, if not complete extirpation.

Video produced by Nancy Sue Brink, Present Tense Productions, Berkeley, CA.
Recorded at the Raptor Research Foundation Conference in Sacramento, CA, on November 7, 2015.

A thank you to the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory for hosting the Sacramento conference and organizing the panel on the Madison Peregrine Conference!

Moderator: Jeep Pagel
Panel Organizers: Jeep Pagel & Allen Fish
Panel Advisors: Jimmie Parrish, Roland Clement, Robert Risebrough, Dan Anderson, Steve Herman, Hans Peeters

Panelists: Dan Anderson, Dan Berger, Steve Herman, Grainger Hunt, Clayton White, Tom Cade (by video)

Other living attendees of the conference not present: Sergej Postupalsky, Helmet Mueller, Richard Fyfe, Richard Banks, Charles Sindelar, Jean-Francois Terrasse, Michael Terrasse, Jim Enderson, David Hancock.

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