Raptor Research Foundation


Raptor Research Foundation

The Raptor Research Foundation advances the science, conservation, and understanding of birds of prey.

-RRF Mission Statement

The Raptor Research Foundation (RRF) is the world’s largest professional society for raptor researchers and conservationists. Founded in 1966 as a non-profit organization, our primary goal is the accumulation and dissemination of scientific information about raptors. The Foundation organizes annual scientific conferences and provides competitive grants and awards for student researchers and conservationists. The Foundation also provides support and networking opportunities for students and early career raptor researchers.


The Raptor Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization. Nonprofit organizations operate under a legally binding set of rules called Bylaws which are, in a practical sense, an Operations Manual for the organization. Bylaws are drafted by the founders or directors of the entity under the authority of the entity’s Charter or Articles of Incorporation, and are updated as necessary. The bylaws were revised and approved by the RRF membership in December 2022 and can be read here.

The Raptor Research Foundation Bylaws Committee members are Clint Boal (chair), Rob Bierregaard, Jennifer Coulson, Mike Kochert, Joel (jeep) Pagel, and Brian Washburn.

RRF Logos

During the October 2014 Board meeting in Corpus Christi, the RRF Board of Directors voted to support an update to the RRF logo. The original logo of a flying Prairie Falcon was first used by RRF in 1972 and was drawn by artist Robert Katona.

RRF’s flying Prairie Falcon logo has recognition within the scientific and ornithological communities and it was important for new logo to retain a strong visual likeness to the existing artwork. Our goal was to modernize the logo and make it more graphically friendly for web and print media. We are proud to announce the new logo as we reach the 50th anniversary of RRF in 2015-2016.