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Fran and Frederick Hamerstrom Achievement Award

Fran and Frederick Hamerstrom Achievement Award

THE AWARD: The Fran and Frederick Hamerstrom Award is a non-monetary award that recognizes an individual who has contributed significantly to the understanding of raptor ecology and natural history. The award has no restrictions, but membership in the RRF is encouraged. Nomination packets can be submitted at any time. Recipients will be announced at the annual meeting. Recipients are invited to give a plenary lecture at the subsequent RRF annual meeting.


IN MEMORIAM: FREDERICK N. HAMERSTROM, 1909-1990 – JRR News and Reviews


JRR Issue 26(3) Dedication

ABOUT THE HAMERSTROMS: The award was established in 1990 to recognize and honor the Hamerstrom’s contributions to our understanding of raptor natural history and ecology through their long-term ecological studies. Between them, during their lifetime of research they authored and co-authored over 240 scientific papers, books, and reviews. Fran and Hammie moved from Boston to the midwest, where Fran was Aldo Leopold’s only female graduate student. They settled down in Plainfield Wisconsin where a small army of young researchers got their start in the field helping out on studies of harriers and prairie chickens.

AMOUNT: Non-monetary award

NOMINATIONS: should include:

• Name, title, and address of the nominee.

• Name, title, and address of the nominator.

• Names of three persons qualified to evaluate the nominee’s scientific contribution

• A summary of the scientific contribution of the nominee.

• A complete list of publications authored by the nominee.

AMOUNT: non-monetary award.

Number of Awards Issued per Year: 1-2

Deadline: June 30

Application Method: Apply online through June 30th. Please contact awards@raptorresearchfoundation.org with questions about your application. The online application opens in January each year.

Fran and Frederick Hamerstrom Award

Accepted file types: pdf, Max. file size: 100 MB.

Past Recipients

YearHamerstrom Recipient
2023José Antonio Donázar Sancho
2022Patricia L. Kennedy
2021Carol L. McIntyre
2020Clayton M. White
2020James R. Belthoff
2019W. Grainger Hunt
2019Clint W. Boal
2018Erikki Korpimäki
2018Ian Newton
2017Brian A. Millsap
2017Juan José Negro
2016None awarded
2015None awarded
2014Mark Fuller
2014Robert Anthony
2013Richard Reynolds
2012Not Awarded
2011Fabrizio Sergio
2011Mike Collopy
2010Keith Bildstein
2009Carl Marti
2008 Not Awarded
2007Mike Kochert
2007Karen Steenhof
2006Charles Henny
2005Miguel Ferrer
2004 Not Awarded
2003Stuart Houston
2002Not Awarded
2001Fernando Hiraldo
2000Jim Enderson
1999 No Nominations received
1998Dan Berger
1997 No Nominations received
1996Jon Gerrard
1995Richard Fyfe
1994 Not Awarded
1993 Not Awarded
1992Riley McClelland
1991Valerie Gargett