Hawks Aloft, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our mission is to preserve New Mexico’s unique landscapes and wildlife populations for future generations by working to conserve indigenous wild birds and their habitats. We achieve our mission through avian research, conservation education, raptor rescue, and collaboration with other organizations.


Research: Long-term studies of all species of birds form the core of our program. These studies include nesting raptors, passerines (songbirds), and endangered species, provide data to understand population trends in birds and recreational impacts, and help inform habitat management actions. Study sites include Valles Caldera National Preserve (owl/waterfowl/avian community responses to wildfire and management); Rio Grande del Norte National Monument (raptor populations study), Middle Rio Grande Bosque (nesting raptors and avian population trends relative to climate change, recreation, and land management).


Education: Living with the Landscape is the centerpiece of our program, serving all students in grades K-5 at participating Title 1 elementary schools in the Albuquerque metro area, free of charge. The year-long program includes multiple presentations for individual classes all featuring live, non-releasable birds of prey, as well as field trips for 4th and 5th grades and a student led conservation project.


Raptor Rescue: We operate the statewide Raptor Rescue Hotline 24/7 and 365 days/year. The hotline fields 600+ calls and admits an average of 200 injured birds annually. We have two on-call veterinarians and work with other veterinary clinics and rehabilitation groups to ensure that injured and orphaned raptors, corvids, roadrunners and more receive treatment.


Collaboration: In the interest of cooperation, we invest time and energy in collaborative efforts with, for example, the New Mexico Avian Protection working group, the NM Avian Conservation Partners, the Prairie Falcon working group of the American West and Canada, and a monthly zoom meeting for Raptor Rescue, open to the public.


We provide a wide range of services to members and the general public including:

●   Local field trips for watching birds and enjoying nature

●   Conservation education programs featuring live birds of prey

●   Avian and conservation advocacy in New Mexico and the American West

●   International tours for members

●   Monthly online member newsletter

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Local Conference Committee Chair: Gail Garber