The Conservation Committee focuses primarily on writing and publishing Conservation Letters in the Journal of Raptor Research. Conservation Letters provide scientific reviews of matters affecting raptor populations globally. These letters are intended to be accessible to scientists, non-scientists, and policy makers, creating a go-to source for summaries of issues important to raptor conservation. Conservation Letters are intended to provide enough evidence-based examples that readers can appreciate the scope and prevalence of the issue described, and begin to understand lessons learned and potential solutions.


The Conservation Committee is Chaired by Dr. James Dwyer (, and is composed of the set of authors working on Conservation Letters at any given time. Committee membership rotates as letters are initiated, developed, and completed. As much as possible, each Conservation Letter is authored by a team composed of a lead author, a subject matter expert, and an early career raptor researcher (undergraduate student, graduate student, or recently graduated student). The Committee Chair serves as an author if necessary, but prefers to focus on assembling author teams and as the manuscript’s Associate Editor.


If you have an idea for a Conservation Letter, or are interested in helping as an author, please contact the Conservation Committee Chair. Early Career Raptor Researchers, Authors from outside of North America, and other groups under-represented in the field are especially welcome!

To date, the following Conservation Letters are published or are in press.