President’s Award


This award is given at the discretion of the president in recognition and appreciation of exceptional service to our society.

Past Recipients

2023Megan Judkins
2022Libby Mojica
2021Kate Davis
2021Joel (Jeep) Pagel
2020Rob Bierregaard
2020Clint Boal
2020Miguel Saggese
2018James Dwyer
2018Jennifer Coulson
2017Lloyd Kiff
2017Libby Mojica
2016Ruth Tingay
2015Travis Booms
2015Libby Mojica
2014not awarded
2013Joan Morrison
2013Petra Wood
2012not awarded
2011Cheryl Dykstra
2011Angela Matz
2010Dan Varland
1997Ed Henckel
1997Judy Henckel
1993Ian Newton
1991R. R. Olendorff
1980F. Hamerstrom