The Raptor Research Foundation invites symposium proposals for our annual scientific conference. The conference will be 4th–9th of October 2022, in Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA. 

Presentations on any aspect of raptor biology, ecology, research techniques, conservation, and management are invited.

The deadline for submission of symposium proposals has passed. Please continue to check back for updates.

Early submission is welcome and highly encouraged. 

Chairs of symposia selected for inclusion in the conference will be notified as submissions are received and approved. Successful symposia at previous

RRF meetings have included species- and genus-specific foci, interactions of raptors with anthropogenic influences, and topics of general interest to

raptor ecologists.

Symposium proposals should include:

1.    Symposium title.

2.    Name and contact information for symposium chair.

3.    A 3-5 sentence rationale for the symposium’s topic.

4.    Names of authors recruited to participate in the symposium, and general title or description of each senior author’s oral presentation.

5.    A picture for use on the RRF conference website to represent the symposium.

Successful symposia should include at least six related papers, or enough papers to fill at least a half-day session; they will run concurrently with general scientific sessions or other symposia. Prospective symposium chairs are encouraged to suggest symposia even if they have recruited fewer than the minimum number of speakers because relevant abstracts received through the general submission process may be used to complete symposium schedules. 

Questions regarding symposia and general abstracts should be directed to Kim Titus (

General questions regarding the conference should be directed to Donna Marain (