Raptor Research Foundation

Covid Policy

Covid Policy

2022 Annual Meeting Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA

RRF and our local host organizations recognize that the COVID virus, in one variant or another, will be a part of the environment at our upcoming meeting. Unfortunately, following the Governor of Florida’s recently issued executive orders (21-81 and 21-102), prohibiting government, businesses, and non-profits from requiring proof of vaccination or proof of negative covid tests, we are unable to take this step to protect conference attendees.

Several recent scientific meetings, including, ironically enough, the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine, became spreader events. Given the constraints put on us by Florida’s regulations, we will do everything we can to make the conference as safe as possible.

Here are the guidelines we will adhere to during our conference:

1. We strongly encourage vaccination and hope that all attending the conference will be fully vaccinated and boosted.

2. We strongly encourage self-testing before arriving in Ft. Lauderdale in October.

3. We strongly encourage masks to be used during the meeting, except when drinking and eating. We will provide two masks for each attendee upon registering at the conference and will have an ample supply on hand throughout the conference.

4. We will supply free instant test kits and suggest that conference participants test themselves frequently during the meeting and self-quarantine should they get a positive result for COVID infection.

5. We will have as many social events as possible outdoors to limit potential transmission of the COVID virus.

6. Name tags can be color-coded to indicate your tolerance level to interactions with other conference attendees.

7. The Embassy Suites by Hilton will follow all Local and State COVID guidelines for the State of Florida and Broward County. Hilton uses Lysol cleaning products. There are hand sanitizing stations throughout the hotel.

8. Full refunds of conference registration fees will be provided for anyone who must cancel because of COVID.

9. We will, of course, help with logistical support for anyone who becomes infected at the meeting.